Testing Success!

Congratulations to all of these skaters who passed their tests on April 28th at the Nelson Center:

Alice G. – Senior MITF with Honors
Haylii S. – Junior MITF
Emma H. – Intermediate MITF
Cadi H. – Intermediate MITF
Erin H. – Adult Silver MITF
Macey M. – Pre Juvenile MITF
Adalyn L. – Pre Juvenile MITF
Emma K. – Pre Juvenile MITF
Annabel K. – Pre Juvenile MITF
Gini P. – Pre Juvenile MITF
Kyle R. – Pre Juvenile MITF
Callie R. – Preliminary MITF
Harper S. – Preliminary MITF with Honors
Deziree B. – Pre Preliminary MITF
Gabriella D. – Pre Preliminary MITF

Adalyn L. – Pre Preliminary Free Skate
Cadi H. – Pre Juvenile Free Skate
Jessica H. – Juvenile Free Skate
Emily M. – Pre Bronze Dance Cha Cha