Test Session Success!

Congratulations to all the skaters who successfully passed US Figure Skating Free Skate, Moves In The Field and Dance Tests!

Free Skate Tests
Sophie U. Senior FS
Annie R. Juvenile FS with Honors
Ava P. Pre-Juvenile FS
Stephanie K. Pre-Juvenile FS
Emma H. Pre-Juvenile FS
Callie R. Pre-Preliminary FS
Emily M. Adult Pre-Bronze FS
Erin H. Adaptive (Special Olympics) Pre-Bronze FS
Erin H. Adaptive (Special Olympics) Bronze FS

Moves In The Field
Jayceline R. Novice MITF
Aly Y. Intermediate MITF
Annabel K. Juvenile MITF
Mattie M. Juvenile MITF
Ava P. Juvenile MITF
Maia T. Juvenile MITF with Honors
Phoebe D. Pre-Juvenile MITF
Sarah K. Preliminary MITF
Emily M. Adult Bronze MITF
Annabelle D. Pre-Preliminary MITF
Savannah C. Pre-Preliminary MITF
Hannah S. Pre-Preliminary MITF

Callie R. Pre-Bronze-Fiesta Tango