Successful Weekend for SFSC Skaters!!

Congratulations to our SFSC skaters on a very successful weekend!  We’re so proud of you ladies!

Spring Thaw Competition Results – Peoria, IL

Anna West
Basic 1 Freeskate 1st
Phoebe DeFrain
Basic 4 Freeskate 1st
Basic 5 Compulsories 2nd

Emily Patton
Basic 6 Freeskate 2nd
Basic 6 Compulsory 1st

Emma Hoagland
Pre Preliminary Well Balanced Freeskate 1st
Emma Kindlon
Pre Preliminary Test Track Freeskate 1st
Adalyn Lowery
Pre Preliminary Test Track Freeskate 2nd
High beginner Compulsories 2nd
Alaina Ford
Preliminary Test Track Freeskate 1st
Preliminary Light Entertainment 1st


Test Results- CIFSC, Bloomington, IL

Kaitlynne Pace
Novice Moves
Intermediate Freeskate

Alicia Han
Intermediate Moves

Stephanie Knauer
Preliminary Moves

Lexi Kotner
Preliminary moves

Annie Reed
Preliminary Moves

Emily Patton
Pre Preliminary Moves