Great results from Southport Spring Classic

Congratulations to all of our SFSC skaters who competed at the Southport Spring Classic!

Jasmine Brown
1st High Beginner Spins
2nd High Beginner Jumps
4th High Beginner Compulsory
2nd Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
4th Pre-Preliminary Interpretive

Willow Di Mondo
3rd Beginner Spins
3rd Beginner Jumps
5th Beginner Compulsory
4th Beginner Free Skate Program

Emma Hoagland
2nd Beginner Spins
1st Beginner Jumps
1st Beginner Compulsory
1st Beginner Free Skate Program
5th Pre-Preliminary Interpretive

Emma Kindlon
3rd Basic 6 Compulsory
1st Basic 6 Program

Stephanie Knauer
1st Beginner Spins
2nd Beginner Jumps
2nd Beginner Compulsory
2nd Beginner Free Skate
6th Pre-Preliminary Interpretive

Lexi Kotner
2nd Basic 6 Compulsory
4th Basic 6 Program

Adalyn Lowery
1st Basic 6 Compulsory
2nd Basic 6 Program

Emily Patton
1st Snowplow Sam Compulsory
1st Snowplow Sam Free Skate Program

Caitlin Rora
1st Basic 6 Compulsory
1st Basic 6 Program

Kyle Rora
4th Basic 6 Compulsory
2nd Basic 6 Program

Maya Suthar
3rd Basic 4 Compulsory
1st Basic 4 Program


Kyle Rora and Caitlin Rora


Lexi Kotner, Adalyn Lowery and Emma Kindlon
Adalyn Lowery, Emma Kindlon and Lexi Kotner
Maya Suthar
Emma Hoagland
Stephanie Knauer


Willow Di Mondo

Good luck Cambrey and Annie!


Best of luck to Cambrey and Annie as they compete this weekend at Skate Kansas City in Kansas City, MO!  SK8 GR8 girls!  We’re sure you’re going to dazzle the crowds with your routines and smiles!

Cambrey and Annie

Spotlight On Ice 2017 was a success!

Springfield Figure Skating Club would like to thank you for your support for Spotlight On Ice!  We appreciate our fans who came out to allow us to entertain you with our favorite Broadway shows on ice!  It was an amazing show and we hope you will join us again next year!

Coach Ginnie’s girls bring home medals!

Congratulations to Coach Ginnie’s Special Olympics skaters, Korey Yemm and Erin Hart!  Korey and Erin competed on February  18-19 at the Illinois Special Olympics Skating Championships hosted at Seven Bridges Ice Arena in Woodridge, IL (Chicago suburb).    Korey Yemm, Nelson Center Skater, competed at Ladies Level 2 and won 3rd place.  Erin Hart, SFSC Member, competed at Ladies Level 5 and won 1st.  Congratulations ladies!  We’re so proud of you!


Korey, Coach Ginnie, and Erin