Ginnie Gietl

Virginia “Ginnie” Regelman-Gietl

As an accomplished coach of almost 40 years and member of USFSA, PSA, and Springfield Figure Skating Club, Ginnie combines her extensive professional skill, experience and knowledge with a true passion for connecting with kids, teens and adults to teach them the love and mastery of figure skating. Ginnie emphasizes the joy of the sport, a well as sportsmanship, ethics and short and long-term goal setting and attainment. Competitively, her students have placed at Regionals and Midwesterns, and have advanced to Junior Nationals and Nationals.

Special Olympics is another area of specialization, as Ginnie led two students to take first place medals in the Illinois State Games. Ginnie trains skaters of all skill levels and encourages them to apply their ability and love of skating to reach personally set goals.

Rates are as follows:

15 minutes

30 minutes

45 minutes

60 minutes