CONGRATULATIONS SFSC skaters who competed at the Springfield Invitational!

In alpha order: - Juniper A.
3rd Snowplow Sam Program

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4th Basic 6 Free Skate

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3rd Basic 2 Free Skate

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1st Basic 6 Elements
1st Basic 6 Free Skate
1st Basic 1-6 Showcase-Light Entertainment

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1st Basic 2 Free Skate
2nd Basic 2 Elements

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3rd Excel Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Phoebe D.
2nd Excel Beginner Free Skate

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1st Badge 16 Special Olympics Compulsory Moves Alexia H.
1st Excel Beginner Compulsory Moves Group A
1st Excel Beginner Free Skate

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1st Basic 2 Elements
2nd Basic 2 Free Skate

Allison H.
1st Pre-Preliminary Showcase-Dramatic Entertainment
2nd Excel Pre-Preliminary Compulsory Moves
4th Excel Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Anna H.
1st Pre-Free Skate Compulsory Moves
1st Pre-Free Skate Free Skate

Emma H.
1st Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Emma K.
3rd Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Stephanie K.
1st Exel Pre-Preliminary Compulsory Moves
1st Pre-Preliminary Jumps
1st Pre-Preliminary Spins
1st Pre-Preliminary Showcase-Light Entertainment
2nd Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Lexi K.
1st Excel Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Annabel K.
1st Preliminary Spins
1st Excel Preliminary Free Skate
2nd Preliminary Compulsory Moves

Cindy L. (skating for Nelson Center)
3rd Basic 6 Free Skate

Adalyn L.
1st Excel Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
1st Beginner Showcase-Light Entertainment

Nora M.
4th Basic 5 Free Skate

Caitlin R.
1st Beginner Spins
2nd Excel High Beginner Free Skate Group B
3rd Excel Beginner Compulsory Moves Group B

Kyle R.
1st Excel Beginner Compulsory Moves Group B
1st Beginner Jumps
1st Excel High Beginner Free Skate Group B

Hadley S.
4th Snowplow Sam Program

Harper S.
1st Excel High Beginner Free Skate Group A
1st High Beginner Showcase-Light Entertainment

Essa W.
1st Basic 1 Elements
1st Basic 1 Free Skate

LiLi W.
1st Snowplow Sam Elements
1st Snowplow Sam Program

Anna W.
1st Basic 3 Elements
2nd Basic 3 Free Skate
4th Basic 1-6 Showcase-Light Entertainment

Claire W.
2nd Snowplow Sam Program

Antonea W.
1st Basic 3 Free Skate
2nd Basic 3 Elements

Korey Y. (skating for Nelson Center)
1st Badge 4 Special Olympics Compulsory Moves
1st Level 2 Special Olympics Free Skate