Great Skating by SFSC to Start the Competition Season!

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SFSC Test Session Success!

MOVES IN THE FIELD Adult Silver MITFSarah L Junior MITFMarina D Novice MITFMylie S Intermediate MITF Adalyn LAlaina FAnnie REmma KGini PLexi KMaia TOlivia J Juvenile MITFAddilyn WIsabelle GPhoebe DStephanie K Pre Juvenile MITFHarper SIsabella G Preliminary MITF Alexia H Pre Preliminary MITFAnna JHollis RJuniper A FREESKATE Juvenile FSClaire HVinisha R Pre Juvenile FSMylie S […]

Congratulations to our skaters who competed at Cranberry Classic

Congratulations to all of our skaters (and their coaches) who competed at the Cranberry Classic 2020 skating competition in Rockford! Fantastic skating everyone, we’re so proud of all of you! GabriellaExcel High Beginner Free Skate – 1stExcel High Beginner Compulsory – 2nd IsabelleSnowplow Sam Program – 1st Lucy R.Basic 1 Program – 1st MalloryBasic 3 […]

Congratulations to our skaters who competed at Madison Open

Congratulations to all of our skaters (and their coaches) who competed September 18-20 at Madison Open! Fantastic skating everyone! AnnieJuvenile Girls Free Skate – 5th AvaExcel Pre-Juvenile Plus Girls Free Skate – 2ndPre-Juvenile Compulsory Moves – 2nd GabriellaHigh Beginner Free Skate – 2ndHigh Beginner Jumps Challenge – 2ndHigh Beginner Compulsory Moves – 3rd MaiaPre-Juvenile Girls […]

Regional Exhibition

Thank you to everyone who came out and cheered on our skaters heading to the Upper Great Lakes Regional Competition in St. Paul, Minnesota! It was a wonderful evening of skating programs and presentation of flowers to each skater by the flower girls. Be sure to check out the “Photo Gallery” area of our web […]

SFSC Summer Figure Skating Clinic with Denise Myers

An amazing skating clinic taught by Olympic Coach Denise Myers was held at the Nelson Center! It was a great opportunity for skaters to sharpen their skating skills with a day of instruction both on-ice and off-ice. Thank you Denise Myers and all the coaches who helped make this clinic a success including Toni Hickey, […]