Test Success in Bloomington!

Congratulations to all our skaters who passed their skating tests recently in Bloomington! Great job skaters, we’re so proud of you!

Kaylee D. – Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field
Erin H. – Adult Gold Moves in the Field
Emma K. – Preliminary Free Skate
Annie R. – Pre-Juvenile Free Skate
Caitlin R. – Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
Kyle R. – Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Testing Success!

Congratulations to all of our skaters who passed tests on July 21st at the testing session held at the Nelson Center. We’re so proud of your accomplishments!

Phoebe D. – Preliminary MITF
Lexie K. – Pre-Preliminary Free Skate, Pre-Juvenile MITF
Ava P. – Preliminary Free Skate
Annie R. – Juvenile MITF
Harper S. – Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
Sophie U. – Senior MITF
Aly Y. – Juvenile Free Skate

SFSC Summer Figure Skating Clinic with Denise Myers

An amazing skating clinic taught by Olympic Coach Denise Myers was held at the Nelson Center! It was a great opportunity for skaters to sharpen their skating skills with a day of instruction both on-ice and off-ice.

Thank you Denise Myers and all the coaches who helped make this clinic a success including Toni Hickey, Ginnie Gietl, Bailey Manuel, Kelsey Beard and coaches who attended from local skating clubs.

Testing Success!

Congratulations to all of these skaters who passed their tests on April 28th at the Nelson Center:

Alice G. – Senior MITF with Honors
Haylii S. – Junior MITF
Emma H. – Intermediate MITF
Cadi H. – Intermediate MITF
Erin H. – Adult Silver MITF
Macey M. – Pre Juvenile MITF
Adalyn L. – Pre Juvenile MITF
Emma K. – Pre Juvenile MITF
Annabel K. – Pre Juvenile MITF
Gini P. – Pre Juvenile MITF
Kyle R. – Pre Juvenile MITF
Callie R. – Preliminary MITF
Harper S. – Preliminary MITF with Honors
Deziree B. – Pre Preliminary MITF
Gabriella D. – Pre Preliminary MITF

Adalyn L. – Pre Preliminary Free Skate
Cadi H. – Pre Juvenile Free Skate
Jessica H. – Juvenile Free Skate
Emily M. – Pre Bronze Dance Cha Cha

Fantastic Costumes, Sets, Props and Skating Performances in “Spotlight on Ice”!

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