Good luck SFSC Skaters!

Best of skates to our 21 SFSC members competing at the Southport Summer Classic in Pleasant Prairie, WI this weekend!  Be sure to check out our Facebook page for pictures as results come in!  Shine, Sparkle, and most importantly SMILE!  SK8 GR8!  We’re so proud of you all!

Successful Testing day!

Congratulations to our SFSC skaters who passed the following USFS test levels today at the Nelson Center:

Madelyn H
Novice MIF

Elizabeth C
Juvenile MIF

Cambrey H
Juvenile MIF
Pre Juvenile FS

Emma H
Pre Juvenile MIF

Annie R
Preliminary FS

Alexia H
Pre Preliminary MIF

We are so proud of you, ladies!

Used Dress Sale Saturday, May 5!

SFSC Dress Sale Inventory Sheet

Here is another opportunity to sell some of your gently used skating items plus make a little extra cash in the SFSC Dress Sale!
May 5th, 9:30am – 11:30am

If you plan to participate in selling items, please send Julia an email at by May 3rd to let her know. She would like to know if she will have enough items to hold the sale or if she will need to postpone it.

Bring in your gently used practice and competition dresses, pants, skirts, skates, tights, gloves, and any other skating accessories.

PLEASE have your items and completed inventory sheet (attached) at the rink by 8:45am on May 5th. If you cannot bring your items in on that morning, please contact Julia Ford at 217-415-2293 to make other arrangements. Julia will be at the rink by 8:00am that morning.

Please make sure your items are priced with your initials for tracking and the inventory sheet is completed and matches your prices on your items in advance of the dress sale. This will ensure that your items are sold for the correct amounts.

All items need to be picked up by 11:30am on Saturday unless other arrangements are made. Items not picked up will be left in the locker room closet. SFSC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Have nothing to sell? Don’t forget to stop by the sale to see the great items for sale!


SFSC Dress Sale Inventory Sheet

Skate Nashville was a success!

It is with great pride I’m pleased to announce that SFSC Members WON the team trophy at Skate Nashville!  Way to go, SFSC!

Front row L-R: Adalyn L, Emma K, Anna W, Phoebe D, Back row L-R:  Stephanie K, Alaina F, Coach Ginnie, and Jasmine B.


Anna W

Basic 2 elements – 1st
Basic 2 freeskate – 2nd
Basic 1-6 Light Entertainment – 2nd

Phoebe D

Basic 5 Elements – 1st
Basic 5 Freeskate – 1st
Basic 1-6 Light Entertainment – 1st

Adalyn L

High Beginner Jumps 1st
High beginner Spins 1st
High beginner Compulsories 1st
Pre Preliminary Test Track Freeskate 2nd

Emma K

No Test Spins – 1st
No Test Jumps – 2nd
No Test Compulsories – 2nd
No Test Freeskate Group A – 4th

Stephanie K

No Test Spins – 2nd
No Test Jumps – 1st
No Test Compulsories – 1st
No Test Freeskate Group B – 1st
No Test Light Entertainment – 1st

Jasmine B

Pre Preliminary Jumps 2nd
Pre Preliminary Spins 5th
Pre Preliminary Compulsories 1st
Preliminary Test Track Freeskate 1st

Alaina F

Preliminary Compulsories 5th
Preliminary Test Track Freeskate – 6th
Preliminary Light Entertainment – 3rd


Ladybug Results

Congratulations to our SFSC members on their success at Ladybug Competition!


1st Intermediate Jumps
1st Intermediate Spins
11th Intermediate Short Group A


1st Pre Juvenile Jumps
1st Pre Juvenile Compulsory
2nd Pre Juvenile Freeskate


4th Preliminary Freeskate Group A


4th Preliminary Compulsory
2nd Pre Preliminary Freeskate Group B

Emma H

1st Pre Preliminary Well Balanced Freeskate
2nd Preliminary Jumps
2nd Preliminary Compulsories
1st Pre Preliminary Spins


Meet & Greet contest with Jason Brown!

If you haven’t already registered, you need to do so! You are missing out on weekly speciality contests as well as the prizes! Register today at

Attend a VIP Meet & Greet with Jason Brown!
Every youngster dreams of the opportunity to meet a sports hero.
Here’s your chance to make a dream come true! Spend private quality time with Jason Brown!
Besides being an world-class athlete, Jason is a warm, genuine, delightful person – as you’ll discover if you win this contest!
The top 4 fundraisers between Saturday, April 14 and 11:59 pm Thursday, April 26 win!
Minimum of $150 raised during the contest period to win, online donations only. Good luck!
Thank you for fundraising for the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation and St. John’s Children’s Hospital!

Good luck at Skate Nashville!

Safe travels and best of skates to our SFSC members traveling to Skate Nashville! SK8 GR8, Adalyn L, Alaina F, Anna W, Emma K, Jasmine B, Phoebe D, and Stephanie K! Remember to shine, sparkle and most of all SMILE! Make great memories and we can’t wait to hear about your adventures!