CONGRATULATIONS to all the skaters who competed in the Springfield Invitational!

In alpha order:
Juniper A.
3rd Snowplow Sam Program

Deziree B.
4th Basic 6 Free Skate

Kayli B.
3rd Basic 2 Free Skate

Savannah C.
1st Basic 6 Elements
1st Basic 6 Free Skate
1st Basic 1-6 Showcase-Light Entertainment

Gabriella D.
1st Basic 2 Free Skate
2nd Basic 2 Elements

Kaylee D.
3rd Excel Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Phoebe D.
2nd Excel Beginner Free Skate

Erin H.
1st Badge 16 Special Olympics Compulsory Moves

Alexia H.
1st Excel Beginner Compulsory Moves Group A
1st Excel Beginner Free Skate

Alyanah H.
1st Basic 2 Elements
2nd Basic 2 Free Skate

Allison H.
1st Pre-Preliminary Showcase-Dramatic Entertainment
2nd Excel Pre-Preliminary Compulsory Moves
4th Excel Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Anna H.
1st Pre-Free Skate Compulsory Moves
1st Pre-Free Skate Free Skate

Emma H.
1st Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Emma K.
3rd Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Stephanie K.
1st Exel Pre-Preliminary Compulsory Moves
1st Pre-Preliminary Jumps
1st Pre-Preliminary Spins
1st Pre-Preliminary Showcase-Light Entertainment
2nd Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Lexi K.
1st Excel Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Annabel K.
1st Preliminary Spins
1st Excel Preliminary Free Skate
2nd Preliminary Compulsory Moves

Cindy L. (skating for Nelson Center)
3rd Basic 6 Free Skate

Adalyn L.
1st Excel Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
1st Beginner Showcase-Light Entertainment

Nora M.
4th Basic 5 Free Skate

Caitlin R.
1st Beginner Spins
2nd Excel High Beginner Free Skate Group B
3rd Excel Beginner Compulsory Moves Group B

Kyle R.
1st Excel Beginner Compulsory Moves Group B
1st Beginner Jumps
1st Excel High Beginner Free Skate Group B

Hadley S.
4th Snowplow Sam Program

Harper S.
1st Excel High Beginner Free Skate Group A
1st High Beginner Showcase-Light Entertainment

Essa W.
1st Basic 1 Elements
1st Basic 1 Free Skate

LiLi W.
1st Snowplow Sam Elements
1st Snowplow Sam Program

Anna W.
1st Basic 3 Elements
2nd Basic 3 Free Skate
4th Basic 1-6 Showcase-Light Entertainment

Claire W.
2nd Snowplow Sam Program

Antonea W.
1st Basic 3 Free Skate
2nd Basic 3 Elements

Korey Y. (skating for Nelson Center)
1st Badge 4 Special Olympics Compulsory Moves
1st Level 2 Special Olympics Free Skate

Congratulations SFSC skaters who competed at the Greater Chicagoland Fall Invitational!

Phoebe D.

1st Beginner Compulsory Moves

1st Beginner Jumps

1st Beginner Spins 

1st Beginner Excel Freeskate Group A


Madelyn H.

1st Novice Excel Freeskate 


Emma H.

1st Pre-Preliminary Freeskate Group F 

1st Preliminary Spins 

4th Preliminary Compulsory Moves

4th Preliminary Jumps


Emma K.

1st No Test Compulsory Moves

1st No Test Spins Group A 

2nd Pre-Preliminary Excel Freeskate Group A

6th No Test Jumps Group A


Lexi K.

1st Pre-Preliminary Excel Freeskate Group A

3rd No Test Compulsory Moves Group A 

3rd No Test Jumps Group A

5th No Test Spins Group A


Adalyn L.

2nd No Test Compulsory Moves Group A 

4th Pre-Preliminary Excel Freeskate Group A


Macey M.

3rd Pre-Preliminary Excel Freeskate Group C

5th No Test Compulsory Moves Group C


Kaitlynne P.

3rd Novice Excel Freeskate


Ava P.

2nd No Test Freeskate Group C

2nd No Test Compulsory Moves

2nd No Test Spins 

5th No Test Jumps 


Annie R.

3rd Preliminary Freeskate Group B


Maia T.

5th Preliminary Freeskate Group A

Summer Exhibition fun!

Great fun today at the Summer Exhibition! Lots of smiles on so many faces which is always a fantastic sight! Thanks for such an awesome show, skaters! Thank you to the family and friends that attended today too! We appreciate your support for local skaters! Photo credit to Elaine Knauer!

SFSC Skaters at TOI Nationals!

Two of our SFSC skaters competed at the 2018 National Theatre On Ice Competition in Geneva, IL at Fox Valley Ice Arena the week of June 26-

Silver medalists!!  

Erin Games-Hart and Kaite Pace (mentor) competed and represented the Chicagoland Ice Theatre Special Olympics Inspirations.  

Bronze medalists!!

Kaitlynne also competed and represented Creative Ice Theatre.

We’re so proud of you both!

Skate Nashville was a success!

It is with great pride I’m pleased to announce that SFSC Members WON the team trophy at Skate Nashville!  Way to go, SFSC!

Front row L-R: Adalyn L, Emma K, Anna W, Phoebe D, Back row L-R:  Stephanie K, Alaina F, Coach Ginnie, and Jasmine B.


Anna W

Basic 2 elements – 1st
Basic 2 freeskate – 2nd
Basic 1-6 Light Entertainment – 2nd

Phoebe D

Basic 5 Elements – 1st
Basic 5 Freeskate – 1st
Basic 1-6 Light Entertainment – 1st

Adalyn L

High Beginner Jumps 1st
High beginner Spins 1st
High beginner Compulsories 1st
Pre Preliminary Test Track Freeskate 2nd

Emma K

No Test Spins – 1st
No Test Jumps – 2nd
No Test Compulsories – 2nd
No Test Freeskate Group A – 4th

Stephanie K

No Test Spins – 2nd
No Test Jumps – 1st
No Test Compulsories – 1st
No Test Freeskate Group B – 1st
No Test Light Entertainment – 1st

Jasmine B

Pre Preliminary Jumps 2nd
Pre Preliminary Spins 5th
Pre Preliminary Compulsories 1st
Preliminary Test Track Freeskate 1st

Alaina F

Preliminary Compulsories 5th
Preliminary Test Track Freeskate – 6th
Preliminary Light Entertainment – 3rd