Great Skating by SFSC to Start the Competition Season!

CONGRATULATIONS to our SFSC skaters (plus all of their coaches including Coach Ginnie and Coach Toni) who competed at the Southport Spring Classic held at Glacier Ice Arena!

Emma K.
Preliminary Free Skate – 1st
Preliminary Compulsory – 2nd

Excel High Beginner Free Skate– 2nd
Excel High Beginner Compulsory – 1st
Excel High Beginner Jumps – 1st

Snowplow Sam Program – 1st

Excel Beginner Free Skate – 4th
Excel Beginner Compulsory – 4th

Basic 6 Program – 1st
Basic 6 Compulsory – 1st

Sarah K. (associate member)
Pre-Preliminary Free Skate – 3rd
Pre-Preliminary Compulsory – 1st
Pre-Preliminary Jumps – 1st
Pre-Preliminary Spins – 1st

Basic 2 Program – 1st
Basic 2 Compulsory – 1st
Also two skaters represented the Nelson Center at their first competition:
Olivia H.
Basic 3 Program – 2nd
Basic 3 Compulsory – 1st

Sydney H.
Basic 2 Program – 3rd
Basic 2 Compulsory – 2nd

SFSC Test Session Success!

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Adult Silver MITF
Sarah L

Junior MITF
Marina D

Novice MITF
Mylie S

Intermediate MITF
Adalyn L
Alaina F
Annie R
Emma K
Gini P
Lexi K
Maia T
Olivia J

Juvenile MITF
Addilyn W
Isabelle G
Phoebe D
Stephanie K

Pre Juvenile MITF
Harper S
Isabella G

Preliminary MITF
Alexia H

Pre Preliminary MITF
Anna J
Hollis R
Juniper A


Juvenile FS
Claire H
Vinisha R

Pre Juvenile FS
Mylie S — with Honors
Phoebe D — with Distinction

Preliminary FS
Addilyn W

Pre Preliminary FS
Sarah K

Adaptive Silver FS (Previously Special Olympics/Therapeutic FS)
Erin H

Adaptive Gold FS (Previously Special Olympics/Therapeutic FS)
Erin H

Congratulations to our skaters who competed at Cranberry Classic

Congratulations to all of our skaters (and their coaches) who competed at the Cranberry Classic 2020 skating competition in Rockford! Fantastic skating everyone, we’re so proud of all of you!

Excel High Beginner Free Skate – 1st
Excel High Beginner Compulsory – 2nd

Snowplow Sam Program – 1st

Lucy R.
Basic 1 Program – 1st

Basic 3 Program – 1st
Basic 3 Compulsory – 1st

Preliminary Free Skate – 1st
Preliminary Compulsory – 1st

Sarah K.
Excel Pre-Preliminary Free Skate – 1st
Excel High Beginner Compulsory – 1st

Congratulations to our skaters who competed at Madison Open

Congratulations to all of our skaters (and their coaches) who competed September 18-20 at Madison Open! Fantastic skating everyone!

Juvenile Girls Free Skate – 5th

Excel Pre-Juvenile Plus Girls Free Skate – 2nd
Pre-Juvenile Compulsory Moves – 2nd

High Beginner Free Skate – 2nd
High Beginner Jumps Challenge – 2nd
High Beginner Compulsory Moves – 3rd

Pre-Juvenile Girls Free Skate – 4th

Basic 2 Program – 1st
Basic 2 Elements/Compulsory – 1st

Preliminary Girls Free Skate – 1st
Pre-Juvenile Jumps Challenge – 1st
Preliminary Compulsory Moves – 3rd

Excel Pre-Juvenile Plus Girls Free Skate – 1st

Regional Exhibition

Thank you to everyone who came out and cheered on our skaters heading to the Upper Great Lakes Regional Competition in St. Paul, Minnesota!

It was a wonderful evening of skating programs and presentation of flowers to each skater by the flower girls.

Be sure to check out the “Photo Gallery” area of our web site for even more photos.

SFSC Summer Figure Skating Clinic with Denise Myers

An amazing skating clinic taught by Olympic Coach Denise Myers was held at the Nelson Center! It was a great opportunity for skaters to sharpen their skating skills with a day of instruction both on-ice and off-ice.

Thank you Denise Myers and all the coaches who helped make this clinic a success including Toni Hickey, Ginnie Gietl, Bailey Manuel, Kelsey Beard and coaches who attended from local skating clubs.